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Architect and inventor who has found a recipe for discovery 

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Janjaap Ruijssenaars is a renowned architect who has been teaching at the Royal Institute of Dutch Architects, the Academy of Architecture Amsterdam and the Academy of Architecture Rotterdam.

He founded 'Universe Architecture' in 2000 which works in the fields of urbanism, architecture, design and research. His company became globally successful with a simple yet effective approach for projects: Innovation by going back in time. He has a particular interest in that which always is.

His many projects include the Floating Bed which sits on a magnetic field. It was awarded Best Invention by TIME Magazine and used in the Hollywood film Arthur. Other projects include the Landscape House which is to be constructed using a large 3d printer. It was the hit of 2014 on TIME magazine commented: "The 3D-Printed House?! A Dutch Architect and Mathematician Break the Mold".

His Tetris House project which built apartments with the highest possible quality at the highest possible density, was described as "Innovative Row Housing with a 360 Degree View!" by the Dutch National Press Agency.

Recently he developed a new technique to generate efficient energy from gravity, a project called Gravity EnergyScientists from the Technical University Twente are calling the invention, which is an alternative to solar and wind technology, a breakthrough. 

Earlier in his career Ruijssenaars was awarded with Best European Public Space for a project that transformed a large area underneath a highway from a no-go area into the centre of the community. His architectural debut was an innovative education building at a high school that got Best Debut Buildings in Europe recognition.

He was educated at Western State College of Colorado, Universidad Polytecnica Barcelona Spain and TU Delft, Netherlands and became an internationally acclaimed speaker for the London Speaker Bureau:

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These are enterprises with strong partners that resulted from the recipe for discovery: